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Friday, November 27, 2020

8 things men love about women

All women are very different. Men love them for their raisins, for their unlikeness, for their smile, their laughter, their penetrating gaze… There are a lot of attractive character traits, and everyone is looking for something they like. But there are, at first glance, quite ordinary things that all men without exception adore. And women don't even know it! Because if they did, they would do it as often as possible.

So, all men like women to do the following:

8 things men love about women

1- Place your head on your chest.

You can't imagine, my dear daughters, how much we love it: coming home from work after a hard day's work, lying on the couch and feeling a loved one lay their head on their chest and kiss them. It is an unforgettable experience! In those moments we feel like a protector and a little superhero, because the girl is calm and relaxed - it means that she feels safe around us.

2- Write him messages.

Since childhood, guys have literally been drilled into their heads that they should be relationship initiators, otherwise they won't be men, etc. No problem, we're happy to do that, but there's one thing: often times we get lost in the guesswork of whether we're being too assertive or too intrusive. That's why we go from extreme to extreme: sometimes we put a girl to sleep with hundreds of messages, sometimes we don't write at all so as not to scare her.

Dear girls, guys like you need to feel that they are loved, thought of and remembered. So, if you send a short message to your boyfriend in the morning, it will brighten up his day and maybe it will be a nice prelude to a date in the evening.

3- Tell him how much you appreciated him.

All girls are not the same: some are more affectionate and gentle, others are more restrained or embarrassed.

There is nothing wrong with it. Because that's how we loved you. Just remember, if a man goes to great lengths and works on relationships (which each of us should be), he still expects to hear that you notice and like him. Believe me, none of us will ever complain that you praise him too often. This is a case where one does not spoil the butter porridge.

You might think the guy already understands that you appreciate him: with a happy smile, tender words, tender hug. And this is where you are wrong: almost all of us need you to say it out loud. It's unusually enjoyable, so don't be stingy: repeat it to us, and as often as possible.

4 - "Play" with his hair when he drives a car

Does this sound a little childish and funny to you? I agree. I thought so too, until one day my girlfriend started doing it when we went to a party. It was… it was… it was really good!

Ladies, if you are driving with a guy next to you in the front seat (because if you are in the back, you better not distract yourself from the road) then reach out to him and gently stroke him. back of his head, his hair. He will smile immediately! Look, it still works! One note: this is just a move, don't get carried away - he's still driving and must watch the road.

5- Brag about your boyfriend in social networks ...

In this area, of course, you have to know the measure, because many girls do too much and too much. But if you really love a man, are really proud of and admire him, then nothing terrible will happen when you take a dinner photo together. But - when you come home instead of going to a restaurant (because he won't let you).

It will be a sign that you respect him, appreciate him, thank him, and want to share your happiness with the world. I repeat: the main thing is not too often or pathologically, because you will get the opposite result. At best, your boyfriend won't say anything.

6- listen for real

Girls know better than anyone that listening isn't just about sitting there nodding your head. It is not a passive exercise, but an action that requires effort and total concentration. Sometimes something big happens in a man's life, he is planning something big and heading towards a goal, he is worried about his job or he cannot make an important decision, in some circumstances. moments like this, we must not just listen to it, but hear it, understand it, understand it. And the main thing is that he must see it and feel it.

So don't get distracted and don't look at the edge of your eye in the phone no matter how many text messages you receive. Look him in the eye and talk about what is very important to him right now. It is important for him to make sure that you are always in touch, that you always give him your support and help (even if he does not need any help or support, because he has decided everything. itself). It is important for him to feel that he is not alone.

7- Write him messages when he goes out with friends.

Let's not hide it: there are just insufferable guys who are jealous of their daughters literally at every lamppost and don't allow hanging out with friends, especially when there are guys in the company. We've all heard such terrible stories, and it's really stupid and disgusting. What we're talking about now is that we need to feel secure in a relationship. Yes, we trust our girlfriend and respect her right to liberty, but if you write us some warm and sweet messages overnight it will be great.

Dear girls, if your boyfriend is mature and self-sufficient enough to let you go to a party on your own with a light heart, don't forget to text him at least once in a while. Yeah, you're going to have fun, and maybe not before the posts, but trust me, he just needs it. Imagine he smiles when he reads your message. For him, it is a sign that he is remembered and loved, and it means that he should be worried. And there is no reason to be jealous.

8- Show him tenderness

You don't have to literally pounce on your boyfriend in public, but little things like taking a hand and squeezing it gently, squeezing it lightly on your shoulders when you stand in line at the supermarket checkout together, or as if you accidentally grab a shoulder at a party - they are very nice to us. It helps to feel close to you, to be proud of us.

All of these seemingly small things are very important. It is very easy for men, moreover, to do beautiful things. You don't need to make it up or exaggerate: just stroke the back of your head, lay your head on your chest, or remind yourself that you appreciate it. It's true, my dear daughters. And if we talk about it out loud, it's true. We really want you to be happy, and we are doing our best. Some people do better, others do better, and still others do better. But, our beloved, when we do, say it, show it, underline it. It's a bit of a trifle, but it's really good.

A relationship is a two-way street. The good news is, a man doesn't need bouquets of flowers and romance under the balcony to make him happy. Just put a little love note in his pocket in the morning so he can accidentally find it at lunch, or kiss his cheek when we watch TV together.

It's very simple. Just love us, talk and show ourselves, and we won't be in debt!

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